VR Avionics is a supplier of modular avionics and CAN system components.

We started out by producing an engine start and monitoring solution for smaller gas-turbine engines when their popularity grew within aviation. Today we cater for a range of applications, both mobile and stationary.

Concerning gas-turbine engines, we offer solutions for engine starting, limiting and monitoring. For propeller driven aircraft we supply a compact propeller de-icing solution. We further provide fuel supply management with automatic fuel leveling for a wider range of aircraft.

Our systems follow the modular concept with CAN bus as a key element. We found our approach allows the best balance of increasing performance, reliablity and scalability while reducing weight, cost and complexity. For more on this and the solutions we offer read our products page.

Our system components are fully customizable. We can fit many customer specific application needs. Our contact details are listed in the support page.

Featuring the VRD-10...

VRD-10 dual screen

The VRD-10 is a product we have recently brought out. One or more of these units can interface directly with sensors to show things like fuel-flow and fuel pressure.

It's true power however lies with it's ability to link with any and all of our existing (and future) product-line to supply on-board monitoring and control of engine, fuel, electrical and even de-icing systems. Redundancy and effective use of instrument panel space can be managed by these versatile displays. Read more..